• Victory Song3:29

  • Graduation Day0:00

Paul Zotter - Wisdom

  • Only Two Roads4:27
  • Whatever Man4:12
  • Wash Away4:37
  • I Dream4:54
  • Guitars and Cars3:41

  • I think I Fell4:18
  • Sentimental3:43
  • Ocean City '885:38
  • Love Song for the Middle Ages2:38

"Turkey Sandwich" is the first Green Eggs and Jam release with Paul Zotter on Bass. "Turkey Sandwich" was an amazing collaborative jam that shows off the multi-faceted arrangement to which fans of the band have become accustomed. Green Eggs and Jam are: Tom Noone on the Drums, Eric Stover on Keys, TIm Mudgett on guitar. (2022)

Paul Zotter - Graduation Day

Paul Zotter  - "Victory Song"

The EP "Songs Without a Chorus" showcases Paul’s songwriting and collaboration in a turn toward more expansive horizon. Using the unique situation presented by the 2020 pandemic, Paul was able to leverage songs written over a 25-year period with input from other musicians and adds the creation of original images to provide an integrated experience reminiscent of “the good old days.” (2020)

  • Toast To Fathers4:18

Victory Song is a high energy, guitar oriented track with melodic vocals and poignant lyrics that deliver the listener from vulnerability to victory! Victory Song is performed and produced by Paul Zotter and features Dave DeWhitt on Guitar. (2016)

The 2016 EP from Dave DeWhitt Trio, Artifacts, Vol. 1, features 3 original songs with Paul Lanahan on drums, Paul Zotter on bass guitar and backing vocals, and Dave DeWhitt on vocals and guitar. (2016)

Dave DeWhitt Trio  - "Artifacts Vol. 1"

  • Wisdom3:26


Dedicated to my father and to those who have lost their most precious loved ones. My musical realization that those we love in our hearts never truly leave us. Toast to Fathers performed and produced by Paul Zotter and features Cole Parker on saxophone. (2017)

"Wisdom" was inspired by a sunset witnessed from a rooftop in the twilight of Summer. it is a metaphor for creativity and how art can be all at once, profound and unrecognized. "Wisdom" was recorded and released  in 2021 and features Paul Lanahan on Drums and a Guitar Solo by Dave DeWhitt. (2021)

Paul Zotter's Debut EP, "Guitars and Cars" features 5 original songs including the singles "Only Two Roads" and "Whatever Man." Guitars and Cars feautures Paul Zotter on guitars and vocals and co-producer Dave Tigue on bass. (2014)

The single "Graduation Day" showcases Paul's acoustic sensibilities and collaboration.  The song is inspired by true events and reflects upon 'the good ole' days' underscoring our tendencies to romanticize the past. Assembled by a stellar group of musicians, Graduation Day pulls at our memories while inspiring us to live each day to the fullest. (2021)

Paul Zotter  - "Toast to Fathers"

  • Second Chances7:17
  • Down For Love3:59
  • Autumn Song6:01
  • Song Without a Chorus4:07

Paul Zotter

Paul Zotter  - "Guitar and Cars"

Paul Zotter's long-awaited follow up to "Guitars and Cars" - Sentimental features Paul's fluid vocals and acoustic guitar backed by a full band mix featuring Dave DeWhitt, Paul Lanahan, and Dave Tigue. The "summer project" turned into a two year exploration of songs and recording including the addition of a song written by Paul's schoolmate and friend Tom Corkran.  Includes the hits Sentimental and Ocean City '88. (2019)

Paul Zotter - Songs Without a Chorus

Green Eggs and Jam - Turkey Sandwich

Paul Zotter  - "Sentimental"

  • Heavy4:27
  • We Are One3:32
  • Nobody Home5:25